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Beejoir Art & Prints

The trademark statement rants from Beejoir have been popping up on walls around the globe, providing people with beautiful and powerful pieces in his unique style of formulating two very different images. LV Child, Turin Scam and his dripping spot pieces are about the most well known. Beejoir's slurs and political rants have donned walls as far and wide as Shoreditch to Bangkok. His popularity was proven with a sell out show in Asia in 2007.

Painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and stencils are his mediums. Contrasting visual elements and saturated colours make his work personal and accessible eye catching. One step beyond and the familiar, comfortable frame disappears leaving yourself mumbling and scratching your head, immersed in considerations regarding the ultra-violent nature of the shiny happy people, the unsustainable way of living we are buried in and a huge feeling of guilt.