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David de la Mano

David de la Mano was born in 1975, in Salamanca, Spain. He is an urban artist artist sculptor and ilustrator. He is graduated in Fine Art from University of Salamanca, Spain, and has been carried out doctoral studies at the University of Valencia. Since 1993 he has developed art projects in public space ranging from sculpture to installation and landart. From 2008 his work focuses on mural painting and his first mural in the street is immediately released by specialized sites as Wooster Collective and Unurth.

Since then his works have been published in numerous websites and magazines urban art and has participated in various festivals. He has also performed and performs works and projects in collaboration with artists from both the field of urban art and the arts in general.

His artistic activity takes place at public spaces in different cities of the world as well as in the elaboration of pieces for galleries and art centers. His work in public art ranges from mural art to the implementation of specific interventions. His wall paintings are characterized by the monochromatic composition and its accumulation of human figures, as well as its strong poetic character; while his works on paper or canvas among other artistic media, are made from materials ranging from work with pen, watercolor, ink, acrylic and collage.