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Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic views his prints and art as an experience, as opposed to just an object, studying the audience in as much detail as the subject of his work. Controlling the experience and encounters of his audience is a challenge he enjoys, and successfully completes time and time again.

Ernest gets inspired by constantly observing day to day life. He finds new perspectives for his studio work and street art by gaining new life experiences. Public art is his main passion. This medium has allowed him to reach out and touch everyday people in ways he never thought possible.

He spent years studying and training as a painter, in a typical school of arts. Over time, Ernest found the need to change his focus, shifting from constantly improving his painting skill, to discovering and exploring ways to match a medium to the subject.

These days his art covers a collage of many mediums, whilst trying to keep focusing on the content of the work. Research is a huge part of Ernest’s process. He observes and takes photographs, studies architecture, people and landscapes in a bid to bring it to life in an artwork.